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Hey fellas!

This time I’m writing about my experience with my new Fujifilm Finepix X100. It’s been few months since I posted anything. Now let’s cut to the chase.

I’m not the first one writing about this camera. There have been hundreds of reviews about this camera over the Internet, but here I’m writing a blog about it. Well, this camera deserves it and I can’t stop myself. So here it goes..

This camera is believed to be the best street camera after Leica M9 and is also referred asĀ Poor Man’s Leica by many photographers. The resulting pictures of this camera are overwhelming. The quality of the pictures can’t be matched by almost any compact camera in its price range.

I didn’t believe it much until I shot few photographs and saw the final results myself. But I started looking through Flickr group for X100 photographs before I bought this camera and they were great straight out of the camera not processed even a bit. I was blown away by the results this camera outputs.

Now don’t even get me started on the retro looks this camera has got. It’s a digital compact camera with retro black n silver looks aka SEXXXYYYY!! Here are few photographs I had taken with X100.

done fujifilm finepix x100 800 Getting the taste of Fujifilm X100


Everything has it’s pros and cons. This camera has got it as well but more pros and very less cons. But one of the con weighs a lot even after considering all the pros.

- APS-C size sensor
- Awesome high ISO performance
- Retro Looks
- Compact in size
- Digital
- Quality, detail of the pictures are mind blowing
- Built in ND Filter
- No Anti Aliasing filter just like Nikon D800 E
- Totally Manual

- Slow focusing (major flaw but its a lot better than the time when camera was released in 2011)
- 12.3 MegaPixels (not a big concern)
- Fixed Lens (not a problem)
- Over priced ($1200 could be of concern to many people)

Focusing is a pain many times, especially in low light. But I still love this camera, I can’t carry my DSLR every time I head out of my home, but his camera I can carry everywhere.

Another great feature this camera has is a Hybrid viewfinder (optical + electronic) you can switch between both kind as desired with a lever in front of the the camera. Now here is a twist, when one is shooting through the viewfinder and clicks an image, the preview is shown in the viewfinder so you don’t need any Loupe for the LCD to view the images in bright day light u can just view it in the viewfinder. While I was doing this on my recent journey to Pushkar, many people thought I’m clicking somebody. But I wasn’t. Lets keep this as a secret. Sssshhhh
Let them wonder while we preview the images in viewfinder.

This camera is just so beautiful isn’t it. Well that’s the best part about it.

Here are some more pictures.

DSF1637 940x606 Getting the taste of Fujifilm X100


DSF2104 940x1244 Getting the taste of Fujifilm X100


DSF1418 940x617 Getting the taste of Fujifilm X100


DSF1388 940x1133 Getting the taste of Fujifilm X100
Until next time!


P.S. I am writing this blog while travelling to Delhi from Puskar at 2 am in a bus enjoyin’ a bumpy ride icon wink Getting the taste of Fujifilm X100

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    1. Hi,

      Nice little review! I really love how your photos turned =)

      What are your in-camera settings for the colored and b+w photos above? (eq. highlight, shadows, sharpness, wb shift, etc.)


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